The Biography of contemporary Painter and Photographer Ming C. Lowe


Inspired by solitude and open space, artist Ming C. Lowe has worked in self imposed isolation in the desert for over 40 years, producing an ambitious body of work encompassing painting, photography and design. Her work often deals with large scale industrial spaces, mechanical strength and size and the spiritual link between people, animals and land.

A cultural anomaly in conservative Palm Desert, from the 1960s through the 90s her Portola Ave. art gallery attracted an unusual group of internationally known off beat celebrities, notable desert residents and visitors to art events and provocative films.

An obsessively creative and committed artist, she often secludes herself to work uninterrupted or travel for extended periods of time on photography projects.

Lowe's work has appeared in numerous publications including, The Los Angeles Times, The Desert Sun, The Desert Post Weekly, Salt Lake City Tribune and Art Week among others. 

In the late 90s Lowe moved to her rural home in the mountains above Palm Desert where she lives with the animals who are sometimes the subjects of her work.

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